the innovation

“hedge fund venture capital”


The patent

“Principal guaranteed savings and investment system and method.”


The Plan

converge wall street hedge funds with silicon valley venture capital. DIVERSIFY. leveL THE playing field. hirE the best talent. create a culture of excellence with #ai. BET BIG. ROCK & ROLL!!


Introduce “patient capital.” investment pools for longer-term, activist, ADvocate and value investors. fixed-income financial products aka/ interest performance alternatives (IPA). interest performance bonds (ipB) and interest performance funds (ipf).


utilize a holding company structure. prioRitize compliance, accountability and transparency ahead of “star” talent, short-term performance. support active managers with #AI and #Tech.


focus on high-value patents, trade secrets and intellectual property. actively seek investment opportunities. let public markets do the valuation. patent, prototype, get to ipo asap.


create a core c-suite and operations team to OVERSEE RESOURCE ALLOCATION and investments. UTILIZE technology and artificIal intelligence to make non-biased investments that others pass on, fold, OR UNDERVALUE the potential of. strive to be the best.


license the patented business modeL. Patent #9965809 File datE 7/11/2006


Welcome to the wild west of #ai 2020. RichArd j. siegel, Aug., 2019.


venture/hedge tECHNOLOGIES, PBC. IP-portfolio of start-ups

NYC Tech unicorn (beta)

Launch january 2020


· (Private Equity, Real Estate)

· (Ad-based #AR Movies Platform)

· (#NASA #Tech #Streaming)

· (Strategic Acquisition. #MedTech)

· (#AI)

· (#EV #AR #AI)

· (#AR #AI)

· (#AR #AI)

· (#AR)

· (#EV)

· (Handheld Content Production Studios)

·       Teeth.TV (#AR Professional Content)

· (#AR Travel Content)

·       Cardiologist.TV (#AR Professional Content)

· (Reinsurance)

· (@MrSiegels)

· (@GourmetHoldings)

· (Food)

· (Food)

· (Food)

· (#BigLawTech) 

· (Litigation Finance)

· (#IP)

· (Litigation Finance)

· (Litigation Finance)